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The result was a ratings bonanza for TBS, and they're hoping to repeat that success this time around. We'll find out when Conan debuts there November 17th!

It's not a myth, it's a fact: the next season of Mythbusters will be the last!

That makes 5 months in a row of record temperatures so far this year, putting 2015 on track to be the warmest year since 1880.

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The locker room is part of their workplace, and they shouldn't have to worry about their, STUFF, being broadcast to the world.

Athletes might be public figures, but they still have the right to some privacy in their own change room after a game.

Some players were pretty upset and have suggested a new media policy is in order.

They MAY have a point but we all have to keep in mind that access to the players is a cornerstone of viewer engagement, and locker room interviews are both timely and interesting. October 23 would have been best-selling author Michael Crichton's 73rd birthday. The last novel Crichton completed before his death in 2008 was "Pirate Latitudes".

They're BOTH definitely lucky to be alive, that's for sure. It's because when reporter Albert Breer went into the Cincinnati Bengals' dressing room after they beat the Buffalo Bills, things got a little, FLESHY.

That's Breer with Adam "Pacman" Jones, but look BEHIND them, in clear view of the camera, are several Bengals players doing exactly what you'd expect them to do in the locker room after a game - they took their uniforms off. Now, I've gotta say that none of those guys has ANYTHING to be embarrassed about.

September is going on record as the hottest of all time.

The average global temperature for the month was 60 point 6-2 degrees Fahrenheit, beating the previous high of 59 degrees.

Conan's no stranger to doing shows outside US borders.

In March, he shocked everyone by becoming the first late night host to shoot in Cuba in more than fifty years.

I really thought Neil Patrick Harris did well last year, but I'm guessing it isn't him. Welcome Inside the Box, Chris Rock has been announced as the 2016 host of the Academy Awards!