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They spent the next five minutes drying her before the woman on the stool started combing out her hair.

She did this for over ten minutes, leaving it silky and shiny.

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Despite having 34B breasts, she was extremely well proportioned.It gave her a streamlined, sleek look that usually had men Tammy had brown hair that she seemed to keep in a perpetual ponytail. They were gagged and hog-tied with their arms and legs bound together behind their backs. She looked back at Alaine, the only other occupant of the room and saw her friend staring back at her with terror-filled eyes. Both women had been immobilized, as had been their four friends.The other woman pulled a hose over to Tempest and then wet her down completely.

Thankfully, the water was warm but it was still an indignity that she did not need.

Tempest could tell that they were no longer on the ship.

The six college friends had planned a mini-reunion and selected a Caribbean cruise for their vacation. She didn Thankfully, Tempest had worn pajamas that night.

She tried to struggle but her arms were numb from being bound so severely for so long.

Her wrists were placed in cuffs which were, in turn, attached to two corners of a square wooden frame.

Two women were with her with one standing on each side of her. The other three friends were gone.s pajama top into rags, letting it fall to the floor. Two more snips left the bottoms on the floor also and left Tempest completely naked.