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Synopsis: While quite lengthy, these letters are quite real.

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Reading about your happenings has warmed my heart, dearest. This sentence I am typing very slowly with one hand.

Then reading about you masturbating in the ladies W. The other hand is doing exactly what your fingers and tongue would be doing were you safely ensconced under my desk between my legs.

Oh, I do get excited, even just being there naked as they talk to me, it doesn't stop me masturbating myself at the thought of them seeing me naked.

As I think back, when I was clean shaven I always felt so much more naked, do you understand.

Especially if their bottom is hairy between the cheeks.

Hair hides, magnifies, and traps a woman's essence wonderfully. While writing the last few sentences, I have lifted my skirt to above my waist and lowered my hose and panties down to just above my knees.

I do sometimes have a fantasy that one of them might approach me and slap my bottom.

Some have stopped and chatted to me while I was nude, or while getting dressed, but never to fulfill my fantasies.

And, of course, the complete transformation of the key subject, Angel (or Stephanie) into a full time slave and servant.

Even as long as it is it is a beautiful story, made more beautiful because it is a real stroy of the road to discovery that is all too rare in this world.

And don't be shy, my dear, about telling me you have pubic hair. Shaving it is mostly symbolistic for a sub and also shows others that you do pay special care to your appearance down there.