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I don't know what prescription they were but I don't think it has changed very much over the years.

Someone with perfect vision who knows nothing might look at a -2 or 2 lens and think "wow that is strong".As for looking at lenses it depends so much on the size of the frame and the index of the lens that it is almost impossible to say.Groot , At what point does the average observer start describing glasses as thick, coke bottles or strong? I was a rep at the time and they made a huge difference to driving. Everyone said I was always blinking and they were prone to popping out.In fanatasy stories it seems to be 4.00, but that hasn't been my experience in real life. David , Hey Colin, So my dad's ex uk military so I moved around a lot, wasn't back in UK until 6-7 years old.When my sister was at the DMV they asked her if her 1.00 glasses are just for reading. When I took off my glasses to try the test without them they acted weird about it. I wonder if they can subconsciously tell my glasses are pretty strong or if it was just because they saw me wear them more.

Plus Tony , I think it is very much in the eye of the beholder and depends on their knowledge of lenses and preconceptions.There are also plenty of posts on instagram where the wearer tags their glasses as cokebottlelenses that don't look particularly strong to me.I also wonder if people who describe themselves on instagram as 'blind' or 'blindasf' who quite clearly aren't do so to justify to others their need or desire to wear a relatively mild prescription when frankly in my view no justification is needed because if you need glasses of any strength to see clearly and you are comfortable wearing them the only person you should have to justify it to is yourself! Colin , Hi David, I got my first contacts in my mid 20's.At that point, I got contacts for playing sport on the weekend at first and very quickly changed over to them for the school day and back to glasses at home.That's about as early as I can remember realising the big difference between glasses and contacts.But in flattering lighting and from the front they look relatively mild.