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THE PROGRAM INCLUDES: - Group workshops and counselling -...

Of course that is not at all the meaning of Bubby in this story, but for me this is the first thing that came to mind.

Every day I listen to the people (I can do everything myself type of people) who talk to me about the development of their business, attracting more customers and earning more money, but there is one thing that will never allow them to get all of the above....

it was out of no where, but it was obviously going to happen. what i guess im trying to say is i think it would have been nice to hear a bit more about your feelings toward sue then just having us hit in the face with it yeah i was wondering about that, thought maybe i went into some sort of trance were i managed to get moderator privledges and joined them together. although i think her post was just a blanket post aimed at who ever did join them together.

oh we did get a new taoseach, but that was in the summer, and were not due for a president for another 3 years i think, Dana better not get in this time Wendy, Hi!

Sandra berated Lisa for breaking her favourite vase last night and Lisa knew she had been silly.

She just wasn’t careful enough and knew as she went to bed that she will be spanked in the morning.“I had always fantasised about being spanked and me and Karen just thought we could work it that our Mum’s spank us if we misbehaved.I wanted to have a say in when I was spanked but Mum wouldn’t have it so giving her full control is better than not being spanked at all. I love you anyway sis so I’ll make sure when it happens I spank you just as long and hard as Mum does.” Susie beamed.On so many different levels what you've shared here about your life with Joey, and Sue, hits me deeply.My emotions run high while reading every diary entry.Eventually Sandra was happy she had made her point verbally and started to spank her 22 year old daughter’s bare bottom.