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Even if you don’t actively use your dreams, most dreams will not reoccur.

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Generally these dreams repeat several times over a period of weeks, months, or even years.You may get the same dream once a week, once a month, or once a year.Knowing the exact date the dream started is not important.What is important is the time period of your life, what was going on, and what your life was like.Recurring dreams are important and need your attention.

A reoccurring dream is any dream you have more than once.

PTSD is common in veterans, rape victims, and people who were abused as children.

With PTSD, you may find yourself reliving the trauma through your dreams. The dreams show you that the trauma you suffered is still very real for you and that you have not worked through it yet.

Reoccurring dreams teach us that if we want to have different results, we need to take different actions.

Sometimes reoccurring dreams have different variations. Maybe one of the dream characters did something different, or maybe in regards to the situation in the dream.

As with any reoccurring dream, once you have successfully processed the trauma, you will stop having the dream.