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She continues: ‘He then left for Cornwall but returned a few days later and just moved in.I didn’t question it because he overwhelmed me by organising one activity after another.He even started crying as he said “please don’t make me go”.’ She shrugs.

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‘But he had such warm eyes, we had so much to talk about, he was so interested in me that, to my surprise, I found him very attractive.‘He was attentive, flattering and very funny, which are all the qualities a woman likes.’ A second meeting, a walk on a beach with their two Labradors, went even better and on the third date he asked if he could come to her home, a detached property in a picturesque Hampshire village.He also told her that although he was in Cornwall looking after his widowed mother, he was planning to relocate to Hampshire to be closer to London and his work.‘He is just brilliant at gaining people’s confidence and creating an image of a successful, affluent man.’ So brilliant, in fact, that he even persuaded someone like Sara.An articulate and attractive 42-year-old divorcee, she would not seem an obvious ‘victim’.'Pete emailed that he was 40 – he was actually three years older – a very successful business consultant and interested in the same sports as me.

'He even had a photograph of him sailing on his profile.’ After weeks of increasingly chatty emails, Sara agreed on a date at nearby Langstone Harbour, along the coast from Portsmouth. ‘He was 6ft 2in, weighed about 20 stone and looked like the cartoon character Shrek,’ she says.We had so many common interests, I felt I had met the right man.’Why did this remarkable turn of events fail to ring alarm bells?She has no ready answer, although it is possible that, in her heart, she really wanted to settle down, and shut her eyes to the danger signs.She is now in hiding to avoid contact with his family.Berry has helped himself to five-figure sums from fiancees in America and girlfriends in Europe, including £28,000 from a girlfriend in Tayside. Nothing, it seemed, could stop him, as he moved from city to city, country to country in search of fresh victims – until, that is, Sara Terry decided to take him on.With the help of the police in Cornwall, she mounted a dogged pursuit of a man who also uses the names John Keady, Taz Keady and even sometimes calls himself ‘doctor’.