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Instead of just stealing your credentials, they could turn the malicious video link into any number of attacks, for example, ransomware.

Being able to spot a phishing scam will help you avoid becoming a victim of one.

The person who created the post on Facebook gets paid a commission when they get new users to sign-up.

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The site is so popular, there are approximately 2 billion active monthly users worldwide. With that incredible number of active users, the site is bound to be a major target for cybercriminals.While a few of the scams you'll find on the site are harmless, there are others that can actually cause serious problems.The post claims that doctors are telling patients that the pill contains the "Machupo" virus and is one of the most dangerous viruses in the world.Now, we're not talking about a computer virus here, we're talking about a virus that a human would contract. Makes science videos, does art, runs a salon, attends dorkbots. Eats: mostly veg, Indian, Thai, Japanese, & anything weird.

She currently has 13 gallery links and 1 videos in her own Free Ones section.

Here are some suggestions that will help: Another like-farming scam going around now is an urgent message warning people not to take a certain medication.

It says it is a new, very white and shiny paracetamol labeled P/500.

Remember, there really isn't a way to beat the system.

One scam that you might see posted on your News Feed, or as an email in your inbox, is actually a phishing attack.

However, financial experts say unregulated investment platforms like this are more like a form of gambling and not actual investing.