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Observing him growing up, and his movies, has made a strong impact on me, and my vision, and maybe that's why I want to do something completely different.

We don't have that much money compared to any American movie made, and compared to a big European movie too, but I guess it's enough to do it.He keeps me for a year locked up in a cage, to give me redemption.I had to learn how to shoot guns, which I knew a little bit but not that much, and how to shoot Uzis and machine guns and to shoot two guns at the same time - all this good stuff!And yes, there was this fear which became a reality of being typecast, but I haven't made a movie as an actress for a year.Julian Moorehead Before I shot x Xx, I did this French movie called The Red Siren.

It was a really dull role, and I find it extremely difficult to play dull stuff.Do you prefer acting or directing, and is it difficult starring in a film that you are directing?Alex Lochrie I think the best thing in the world is acting in something I'm directing.Our free online dating site has been designed with your safety in mind.Find out how to flirt with a guy or girl online at and spend your date in the pleasant company of like-minded mates.I accepted the movie mostly to work with Dennis Hopper.