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We are living under siege sometimes and that is very difficult to cope with, mentally and physically.”Laila Parveen Banu was a teenager during the war and when she saw her father and grandfather die she decided to participate in the 1971 armed conflict.My grandparents were refugees, political refugees, so they took part in the revolution.And the thing is – every time there’s been some sort of incident that happens in the media, whether that’s abroad or here, the Muslim community is very traumatized, over and over again.Bio Mark Bennington is a portrait photographer based between New York City and Mumbai.In fact, Sexchatster was voted as a “Top Cam Site” by Top Cam Sites and as the fastest growing site in our industry.

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Against a neutral grey background, the vibrancy of each subject stands out in sharp relief, symbolizing clarity in the midst of all the political noise.

I found myself sort of stuck, not really being able to integrate with the Muslim community here in New York City and at the same time having people not understand that I did identify as a Muslim.

The "Twilight" couple were hush-hush about their off-screen coupling, though they were photographed together all over the world.

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Things that were seen as inappropriate like dating, going to college, traveling on your own, starting your own career…the stereotypical notion that you grow up, you get married, you have children, and that’s your life- you don’t have sex before marriage, etc.