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And it’s not surprising given the very unrealistic portrayals of love in movies, TV, and music.

There is this idea that we have one soul mate and that real love stories are supposed to be filled with obstacles and drama.

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It's interesting to play a woman who is terrified and then overcomes that fear.Courage is not the absence of fear, it's overcoming it.She has also involved within the broadcasting of the e commerce.She states all her success is all because of her hard work, concentration, dedication and goal oriented for the proper destination.David Eldridge’s adaptation of a book by historian Hallie Rubenhold is a no-holds-barred, often sexually charged drama that portrays the beautiful, independent-minded Seymour’s unhappy marriage to Sir Richard Worsley (Endeavour’s Shaun Evans).

She believes him to be a gallant man and that it will be a marriage of equals, but his mask soon slips.

Luckily, Rhys Meyers' long-term girlfriend Reena Hammer was on hand to step in before Natalie literally started humping the Cork actors leg...

A bucket of cold water always helps in these situations Reena.

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As such, she gained the nickname “Chenbot.” This nickname, however, brought no hard feelings on her.