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Mistakes were not confined to applicants for menial roles either - many of the CVs riddled with errors were drafted by CEOs, professionals and recent graduates, researchers said. But 'victim' Roland Hofmann was astonished when armed police surrounded his car which he had driven into the forest and ordered him to give himself up and release his hostage.

Corinne Mills, managing director of PCM, said: "Many of the people whose CVs end up in the waste paper bin are perfectly capable of doing the job. He told police he had gone to the forest to read "in peace and quiet".

"Buckingham Palace" appeared on screen as "Burking in Paris" while the question "did you vote? When a character spoke about former prime minister Tony Blair being "educated at Fettes", it appeared on screen as "educated the fattest".

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The file containing Mr Brown's toilette routine was inside an aide's rucksack found in the back of a black cab at King's Cross station in London. Miss Muench returned the letter to the GEZ with a note explaining the request had come too late, as Ries had died in 1559.The confidential documents, handed to The Sun by the cab driver, also contained notes on how to tackle the expenses controversy and a schedule for Mr Brown's visit to Yorkshire. But she still received a reminder a few weeks later.The film chronicles the royal family's struggle to meet public expectations in reacting to the death of Princess Diana in a car crash in Paris in 1997.The outdoor screening of the film was organised by Ryde Council whose spokesman Derek Mc Carthy conceded the captions were bizarre.Prof Beard, who came across it while researching ancient humour for a book, said the jokes were categorised into themes including 'the absentminded professor' and 'the charlatan prophet'.

"One of my favourite jokes from the book, and probably one of the longest, is about a barber, a professor and a bald man," she added.

A Cambridge academic has uncovered what is believed to be the world's oldest joke book.

The third century book of gags from the Roman Empire is written in Greek and entitled Philogelos, which translates as Laughter Lover.

Designers hope the technology used in their car will be adopted by Formula 1 teams such as Mc Laren and Ferrari.

It uses plant-oil based lubricants and a biodiesel engine capable of running on chocolate and vegetable oil.

"The copy shown did have some spelling mistakes and interpretations of the script which affected the experience for the deaf community present," he told the Sydney Morning Herald.