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There will be a music score, mostly jazz tracks, written by Jack himself.

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The game currently exists as a public beta and is planned to have a full disk release when it is completed.Other active elements on this Flash game include an interactive news bulletin board, tip jar, a suggestion box, and several hidden locations and secrets.When in the storage room you can click on a hanger that will take you to a room to enter the codeword E1B2 (letters must be in caps)or you right-click and press play, That brings you to this weird scene with red circles with the numbers 13, 85, 27.While outside, clicking on the fourth tree from the right, will trigger a cutscene of a tryst between a male herp and a female faun.This announcement included a statement that people who wished to be in the animation need only ask.

Some time after the announcement, the finished product, version 1.5, was released.He is establishing a new website and will be taking commissions for new characters shortly.Open HTH is an open source (as open as flash files can be) project based around High Tail Hall 1.7, the goal is to vastly improve the game, by enhancing existing content, but also adding to it.Jack has stated that he is indeed working on the project to the message-board Yiffstar, where the project was first announced.Jack has started a commission service as a mini-fund raiser to support the re-creation of the Twilight Cavern Flash project, as posted in the miscellaneous Sub-forum at the Yiffstar community.This was dropped in favor of recreating the original hall on the island while keeping new locations and characters.