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Maya also gets to know Harry (Luciano Saber), a freelance writer and would-be poet who at the age of thirty has yet to lose his virginity.

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(Lanie gives her a look.) Just keep me posted on the labs. So, I guess I didn't end up homeless or teaching at a third-rate college in New Hampshire after all. Directed by Korean-American independent filmmaker Young Man Kang, Soap Girl received the Audience Award at the 2002 Big Bear Lake International Film Festival.Gina Hiraizumi (born November 20, 1980 in Torrance, CA) is an American actress and singer.With the nuptials forestalled and the entire wedding party under suspicion, Beckett questions Castle’s ability to be objective about the case.

But when it looks to Beckett like Castle and Kyra might rekindle their romance, her judgment may be compromised as well. But what will happen when the ship returns to port for Christmas? Dad PLOT: Storyline via ION: When her best friend invites her along for a holiday themed sail, an aspiring novelist, Pam, unexpectedly finds the love of her life on board. Her father is a third generation Japanese American and her mother is from Japan.She is Yonsei or part of the fourth generation Nikkei.Voted by the North High School graduating class as "Most Likely To Become Rich and Famous" and earned "Most Valuable Player" in basketball, her freshman year.