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In 1987, they won gold at the Winter Olympics despite an accident, the youngest pair to ever win Olympic Gold.

The pair then took back their World Championship title in 1989 after losing the previous year,.

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She continued to produce good performances, and would also release the book “My Sergei: A Love Story”, also publishing a second book entitled “A Letter for Daria”.She also returned as a solo skater in Stars on Ice, touring with them until 2000; she’s returned frequently since then, but never full time, performing with other pairs as part of the show.She also started performing with her daughter Daria, but Daria would stop figure skating in 2007.Three years later, Katie performed with Stars on Ice on their Anniversary Tour, then joined the figure skating reality show “Battle of the Blades”.and would successfully defend it in 1990, before winning their first World Professional Championship in 1991, a competition they would win two more times in the next few years.

Gordeeva and Grinkov would become one of the most dominant pairs on the skating scene, winning 24 times out of 31 competitions.

After the Olympics, they returned to professional skating and also continued to tour with Stars on Ice.

They were then inducted into the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame.

coach Vladimir Zaharov paired 10-year-old Gordeeva with 14-year-old Sergei Grinkov.

Their ages at the time they were paired actually became something of a mystery for fans (and are still reported incorrectly more often than not).

2002 Maria Alexandrovna Gordeeva May 28 Moscow Russian SFSR Sergei Grinkov Sergei Grinkov m.