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It turned out to be a success for those who were seeking a romantic relationship in the dog days of summer.Shanghai is keen to pull travelling consumers back to the domestic market by expanding departure tax refund services and opening more duty-free shops in the city, a city official said at a municipal government press conference on Tuesday.

It wasn’t that they weren’t great and cute and whatever you looked for in male friends at 16; but falling for a friend was my idea of a good love story. The premise is simple: two longish-time friends decide to launch a ‘dating experiment’ where they give it a go romantically for 40 days (the time it takes to form a new habit. So I guess, when it comes to dating your friends, I’d bet that if a guy’s up for it, he kinda always was up for it in the first place. So, Everygirls, I am dying to know: would you do a similar experiment with a guy friend? Even still, I find it hard to imagine that I would suddenly fall for one of my current male friends. He hasn’t changed his mind, he’s just been given the opportunity, or the timing is finally right. Under the law, security checks should be made of people and objects in large, busy areas like airports, railway stations, ports, metro stations, long-distance bus stations and customs.Shanghai's airports are the first and only ones in the country so far that have responded to the new law's requirement, said Su Weiwei, an official from the Shanghai Airport Authority.Officials advised passengers to set aside an extra half-hour in their travel schedules.

The newly launched checks will be similar to existing security checks at airports, focusing on passengers' carry-on baggage, searching for such items as knives, flammable and explosive products and guns.

"I see the point for the security check, and totally understand," he said.

On August 6, Beijing Kerry Centre and Time Out Beijing jointly held "Race to Love", a grand dating event, to celebrate Chinese Valentine's Day.

Don’t get me wrong, they are wonderful (there’s a reason we keep each other around, after all, right? They possess many, if not all, of what I’m looking for in a match.

Crap.) Part of their motivation revolved around the fact that Timothy and Jessica had both recently found themselves single and, coincidentally, with the opposite relationship problems; her falling too hard and too fast, him, hopping from relationship to relationship, dodging commitment. Meaning that when women and men meet, they inevitably put each other in ‘folders’ or categories. The difference, I’ve seen (and experienced, actually), is that women can change their minds pretty easily.

"More duty-free shops will open in the city to meet the increasing demands on imported goods from local consumers," said Shang Yuying, the director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce at the press conference.