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resistance."The little doll of Harry waved at the real Hermione, before turning back to the plastic doppelganger and impaling himself. "Do me a favour, Harry, and don't do that the first time."The two could hear the soft crunches of gravel underneath Dumbledore's feet as he slowly, cautiously made his way forward. "Headmaster, stop for a minute." The crunching stopped instantly. "Another blast of phoenix song erupted, but this sounded almost... Harry heard a screech, which he knew from his experience in the Chamber of Secrets was Fawkes beginning a dive, before the muffled sound of an impact."I should be returning to my office in Hogwarts via Portkey momentarily, Severus. "Hermione and Harry leaned over in their chairs to stare at Dumbledore's portrait. ""We told you to take backup." Hermione said."We told you to leave." Harry added. But, he'd asked me to come with him on a little side-trip to recruit a new teacher." Harry continued. looking forward to the opportunity."Harry raised an eyebrow as he craned round to look at the portrait. I bet the house elves were having to clean your sheets daily.""I'll never tell." Snape replied, an evil smirk on his face. "Bear in mind, myself and Hermione had been receiving Defence training from Professor Snape on and off ever since Flophart was at Hogwarts, during our second year.

I just need to collect Fawkes." There was a revolting splat, and the cries of a newborn phoenix. "We already knew that Severus had become the new DADA teacher, something he was nursing wood over."The portrait of Snape cleared his throat. We knew what kind of teacher he was, regardless of what people thought about him."Hermione glanced over at Ron, who was still fuming.

If it were, they would have been moved, and we would have been in trouble."Harry continued the story.

That told both myself and Hermione who should have taken office.

At the time, we took Scrimgeour's election with a pinch of salt.

While waiting for Hermione to freshen up, read; put her knickers back on, Harry faced the portraits. While Albus was on his fishing expeditions, we listened in to his reports. "By 'issues', my lovely wife means that we were both too powerful to use a wand.

The obscene smile on Moony's face told Harry that he knew where he'd just been. Most of his time was wasted, since the leads were utterly cold. Any time we cast high-level spells, which was particularly evident during duelling, we started to damage them.

You are a British subject, and therefore are subject to Ministry law.""I know." Harry replied.

"And I never said I wasn't.""Then when the Minister ordered your presence and support, you should have gone.""I disagree." Harry answered firmly.

"We couldn't use wands, so we had to use multi-cored staffs."Both Harry and Hermione twisted their wrists, long, jewel-encrusted battlestaffs appearing across their laps. "You are aware that it is illegal to purchase staffs without registering them with the Ministry? "We made these ourselves, and had them registered through the Department of Magical Law Enforcement in the summer after our sixth year. "Just remember..." He pointed up to the floating message above the stage, '', flashed again. One thing that tickled both me and Hermione was listening in to one of the meetings that Fudge had before he got booted out of office..."Harry had spent most of the day at Hermione's house, reading through some of the 'fascinating and informative' leaflets the Ministry had sent out. Because of you, we have lost over a year of preparation time. Because of your corruption and greed, accepting bribes from known Death Eaters, we stand to lose everything.

" He asked, scribbling down more notes."Yes, we are." Harry and Hermione replied in unison."So, you admit your crimes? "Now, sit down and shut your gob, you pathetic sycophant."The two staffs vanished as the users willed them away. From what he could tell, the basic gist of the leaflet was 'run, hide and wait for the Aurors'. However, you have spent twelve months slandering and attacking him, Cornelius. We should have a fresh crop of Auror trainees in the Academy, and we have none. I have already notified the Wizengamot, and your vaults have been seized by Gringotts.

Harry Potter turns 35 today – and is still enjoying having a scar that causes him no pain after slaying Voldemort in the Battle of Hogwarts 17 years ago. If (like this writer), Harry Potter’s secondary school career roughly matched yours year for year, you may be wondering why the wizard isn’t in his mid-Twenties. He died in 1492, meaning the second Harry Potter book was set in 1992 when the wizard was in his second year of secondary school, aged 12. Assuming the chapter is set in September at the start of the school year, Harry Potter would be 37 in the epilogue.

But Potter wasn’t born in the late Eighties, instead James and Lily welcomed their bundle of joy into the world on 31 July 1980, which also happens to be the same birthday as JK Rowling who turns 50 today. Count 12 years back from 1992 and Nearly Headless Nick’s party confirms Potter was born in 1980. No, Daniel Radcliffe may be 26, but it turns out the books (and films) were set at least half a decade before their release date, meaning Potter is quite a bit older in ‘real life’. Fans will have to wait until 2017 for that fateful day when Potter’s age catches us with the final scene in the books.

At that point, I did not support the Ministry."Percy eyed Harry warily. ""We shall see." Harry replied cagily, before waving at Percy to take his seat.