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We will have enough rain from Sept to ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh June to last us.don't need RAIN NOW! If it is cold and windy, close window,and adjust thermostat. Driving on the motorcycle had some interesting moments, being buffeted in the more open areas.

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And rain in the not too distant future for southern BC, which will (I hope) will help with the fires that are going on in our beautiful province right now. However, do not put away the shorts yet, the weather forecast has some sizzle in it next week.

8th: If another wise-ass cracks, 'Hot enough for you today? Now my car smells like burnt hair, fried ass, and baked cat. 10th: The weather report might as well be a damn recording. It seems that it is no longer a secret spot for locals only anymore. Too many lives have been lost there and usually those of people far too young to die. I do not care for the grey skies but this is so much better than it was. After the winter that I, and many others in my situation had to go through in 08/09, I will, and am always willing to go through the amount of heat that the sun throws my way so far this summer. But I will admitt that the cooler, more normal temps that have started to come our way, and the fact that I for some reason decided to buy an air conditioner earlier this has made things much nicer to deal with lately. A couple of weeks ago we had temperatures almost double of what we have this week.

The home air-conditioner is on the Fritz and the A/C repairman charged 0 just to drive by and tell me he needed to order parts.

Ok it can rain where the forrest fires are but thats IT.Ain't got no rain up Penticton way yet; however, it has cooled down a might though.

But getting used to the heat is taking longer that I expected.

By the time I got to the hot car at noon, Lomita had died and swollen up to the size of a shopping bag and stunk up the upholstery. Ziomek, who said his job in real estate keeps him from going out much, is 5-foot-11, has blue eyes and light brown hair and goes to the gym four to five times a week.Using Hot "saves time and it does the searching for you, narrows it down to the people that you are interested in meeting," he said. June 30th: Had the backyard landscaped with western plants today. July 10th: The temperature hasn't been below 30 all week. Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.