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I wasn't kidding, I felt like shit."You're lucky the bullet didn't shatter your shoulder bone. " Her face looked flush and her voice a bit flustered as she covered me. I was now awake enough to realize nurse Betty was an attractive lady. She kicked off her shoes and unfastened her pants and pulled them down to her ankles. She took off her panties and began to wash her pussy with the soapy washcloth."I've been working for ten hours, I'm not very fresh down here." She finished washing her pussy and turned her back to me and bent over the sink.It's just a flesh wound."Suddenly images began to flash in my mind's eye. She widened her stance and jutted her ass outward."Damn girl," I said as I slapped my cock on her ass.Check out our pick for this week - I Fall For My Mature Maid by r9176427342 We are currently undergoing site maintenance , so the search bar won't be working from 10 pm to 1 am till we fix the issue.*If you send a card for 0 and more, you get a free password private show!That was a great fuck." Betty shoved her tongue into my mouth to show her appreciation before getting dressed.

After Betty helped me back to bed, her voice had a much friendlier tone.I cleared my throat as Betty lifted my bed upright."How are you feeling? I looked down and my hospital robe was pulled up to my stomach. Even with scrubs, I could tell she had a nice body under them. "Some pussy was the answer that popped into my brain, but I resisted. ”She helped me out of the bed and curled her arm around my waist. “I feel a bit light headed.” I faked a slight stumble."Take your time." She wrapped her arm around my waist tight and walked me to the bathroom. With my free hand, I pulled my long thick cock out and pointed at the toilet and began to relieve myself. I cupped my hand on the top of her head as if I was palming a basketball." Betty glared at me."I feel terrible," I answered with a cough. I probably jerked off in my sleep but I had no idea where my briefs were.“Well, Mr. Didn't nurse Amy make sure you put your underwear on after your bath? It seemed like a wonderful dream but evidently it wasn't just a dream."Don't remember," I answered as she sat at a table and took down some notes. Since I had an arm in a sling, I asked nurse Betty a favor. "Yeah suck that big black cock you white slut.""MMHHMMMHNMMM," Betty voice mumbled as she sucked me."Bitch, I want some pussy." I grabbed a hand full of her auburn hair and pulled her back. She grabbed a fresh washcloth and soaked it with warm water.My husband is an NRA member.""Bitch, I'm not done with your pussy."Betty gave me her digits.She hummed a lovely melody as she walked out of my room. She licked her lips as my throbbing ten inches of pussy stretching meat waited."Promise you won't say a word to anyone? Her face was red with either embarrassment or shame. It was exactly what Betty wanted and needed but could never admit.