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Procedure Tell students that you’re going to give a presentation, tell them that they need to make notes on: the main idea, supporting ideas and impressive language. Download the phrase sheet and topic cards below: Micro Presentations Preparation Prepare a 2-minute example presentation on a topic close to your heart using as much of the language from the handout as you can.

I was part of an all female group presenting a project within the architecture school at a very good German University.

We were criticized – which is normal, and likely the work wasn’t brilliant – for some window details we had drawn that would have been very difficult to clean in real life. Until we were told that as women, we should know about cleaning…

Tell them “this is the story of a relationship, you have to put it in order” you might want to put some simple sequencers on the board: “First, and then, afterwards, in the end etc.” When they’ve finished choose a pair to tell their version of the story to the class, ask other groups if their version is different.

Tell students that you are going to tell them the real story and they have to listen and put their pictures in the correct order. Give out the handout but fold the paper so student cannot see the language focus exercise.

and perhaps we should focus on that instead of pursuing architecture.

My boyfriend is a doctor and I’m a medical student.

Give out the handout and have students look for the expressions that they heard, clear up any doubts students may have about the language.

Give your presentation and then give students a minute to compare their notes and share in open class.

Download the student handout, teacher’s notes, discussion language and powerpoint below: Everyday Sexism Teacher notes Everyday Sexism Student handout Everyday Sexism Collaborative Speaking Phrases Teacher’s Notes Give out the collaborative language handout and show students the first slide of the powerpoint. Rarely acknowledged but just as offensive as being told to get back in the kitchen.

If you want to use it as exam practice have them discuss the questions for 2 minutes, then stop them and give them one more minute to answer the following question: I opened the door for another student recently and didn’t think twice about it, until he said to me, “Oh no, ladies first.” A little taken aback, I told him “You don’t need to worry about that, it’s 2017, we’re past that.” “No we’re not,” he said, and held on to the door that I was already holding open and refused to walk through it. On a cold and rainy morning having got up on my day off work, solely to walk my daughter to the bus stop. It’s a small incident but is another example of how some people feel it’s OK to police women’s presentation of themselves.

v=35Kq GNa1FGA Ask students to recount their experience of catcalling and answer the questions on the handout.