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Even though she was happy enough with her life, she was struggling to have a baby. After years of IVF with no luck, she came to me for help.She had heard about me from a colleague of hers, Sandy, who had become pregnant after three months of working with me. By guiding her way back home to herself, she began the journey of falling in love with her inner child.After two months of serious work, she reported back to me that she was experiencing deep feelings of gratitude and completeness for the first time in years.

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As far as he was concerned, he only existed for others, not for himself.Mark was so affected by his upbringing that he ended up having a string of manipulative girlfriends who, after the honeymoon period was over, turned into controlling and destructive forces in his life – exactly like his mother. Instead of blaming the women who all exhibited the same behavior patterning, I recommended that he work on the common denominator – himself.Even as a young child, we learn that the world is a serious place.As we grow up and begin to yearn for a community, we accept that we need to carry our share of responsibilities, as well as help others carry theirs.Stefanie, another one of my INFJ clients, was a hardcore perfectionist when I began working with her.

She was a corporate shark with very little time for under performers in her life.

When our contributions are not appreciated, our wounded-ness surfaces and we can be left feeling lonely, under-appreciated, misunderstood, and even misrepresented.

Few people understand the level of commitment INFJs offer to the world.

Her profound ability to use her painful past as a light for others, and her tender but no-nonsense approach are precisely what makes her work so leading edge, and able to transform the lives of so many.

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Not only was her body relaxed enough to facilitate a baby, she had never been happier.