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Next, ctrl click on the tool bar button and drag a line to the code, this time, set the ” and name it “show Next”. Yes, we are done with the UI, don’t forget to import all the images you downloaded previously to the project (drag all images to the var names:[String]! Let’s fill the arrays you declared above with some data. You should get the permission alert like below: Click the “Allow” button and change the simulated location to “London, England” from the Location pop-up menu at the top of the : You will notice the app moves to the selected region in London! Placing The Restaurants On The Map Now as the current location is tracked, you gonna show some nearby restaurants in the London area.

Locate the // Some restaurants in London names = ["Pied a Terre", "Big Ben", "Hawksmoor Seven Dials", "Enoteca Turi", "Wiltons", "Scott's", "The Laughing Gravy", "Restaurant Gordon Ramsay"] // Restaurants' images to show in the pin callout images = [UIImage(named: "restaurant-1.jpeg")! The code will be implemented in the action method so that it runs each time you press the tool bar button to move to the next restaurant in the list.

Besides, it allows you to open the i OS maps app with a provided Transit directions. Hence, let’s locate the user current location in the map.

We also showed you how to convert the GPS coordinate into an address.

However, the best way to show a location is to pin it on map. It lets programmers easily work with the built-in Maps and pin a location.

Let’s assume you are in London and you want to reach some nearby restaurants.

i OS can now calculate the estimated Transit time needed to get to the restaurant. ] // Latitudes, Longitudes coordinates = [ [51.519066, -0.135200], [51.513446, -0.125787], [51.465314, -0.214795], [51.507747, -0.139134], [51.509878, -0.150952], [51.501041, -0.104098], [51.485411, -0.162042], [51.513117, -0.142319] ] current Restaurant Index = 0 // Start with the first Restaurant in the array Usually you want to calculate the Transit ETA between your current location and a destination point (the restaurant in this case).

As usual, rather than going through the theory, we’ll work on a simple app.

Through the practice, we hope you’ll get a better idea about Map Kit. Once you successfully created your project, go to the Storyboard and design the user interface.So in such context, the maps app is clever enough and doesn’t need further specifications.That’s it, run the app, browse some of Londons’ restaurants and click the bus button on the right of the callout view to get you some nice Transit directions 🙂 As usual, you can download the final project here.This is the correct place and time to launch the i OS maps app to draw the Transit directions to your destination.Also note that specifying the dictionary above will make the Maps app interprets that as an attempt to map from the user’s current location to the location specified by the map item constant (which is the restaurant location).The Map Kit framework provides an interface for embedding maps directly into your own windows and views.