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My 15 month old little boy has recently started waking in the night (at least once but generally two or three times), screaming his head off and while obviously really tired, seems to resist all efforts to soothe him.I have successfully used the "pick up put down" method in the past and for the last 4 months or so he has been sleeping through most nights but this new phase started about 2 weeks ago and I already feel like I am at my wits end with lack of sleep!

He just doesn't like the change and that is probably true of all of us once we are used to something happening in a certain way. You can expect crying and resistance, especially if youve previously employed a prop for sleep.

Pu/pd doesnt prevent crying but it does prevent fear of abandonment, because you stay with the child and comfort him through his tears.

Hi Joanne So sorry to hear you are having such a tough time with this it sound exhausting and upsetting for you all Lets see if he can help you all get more sleep. As some children get confusionall arousals see here Sleep walking - Netmums and scroll down to confusionaql arousals in case this is what may be happening It sounds as if you have had some settling difficulties with him and you have been doing pick up put down.

This is quite hard to do with an toddler of this age. Pu/pd becomes more of a partnership at 6 months of age and it is key that you follow your babys pace and make the following adaptations to the basic procedure as described on Netmums here Pick up / Put down sleep training - Netmums You dont pick them up as a matter of course but you offer them pick up.

sat at work typing this and could cry just thinking about it! Anyway, he goes off at about half 7 and this has turned into a bit of a battle but he does eventually go down using Pick up put down as stated.

He is then waking after a few hours(last night at 11.30) and taking anything from an hour to 3 hours to settle and I think then he is only going back to sleep through exhaustion.

Unfortunately there is no quick fix, and this is a lot of work, but it is well worth it in the end.

You may want to invest in earplugs to help deafen the cries. Consistency is the key to success with any methods that you might use, I am not sure how you are using the pick up put down perhaps you can tell me.

Typically the baby fights sleep even worse than they did before but if you stick with pu/pd your baby will pop right back. Eventually, after all your hard work, your kind words and touch will put your baby to sleep.

This method DOES work if you do it correctly, stick to it and ride it out.

Babies 8 months and up tend to soothe faster in the cot so you don't really pick them up, At this age you really dont do any pick up as babies 8 months and up tend to soothe faster in the cot.