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I’m in my twenties, and as an entertainer you don’t tell your age.She [K Michelle] just had to say something because I was coming at her.” Girl, stop.Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans are going to be floored to hear that Benzino and Althea Eaton have been fired from the show and won’t be included in season 4!

She just graduated from high school,” Benzino revealed.

Meanwhile, our personal sources here at GOT say that Karlie Redd’s exact age is 47 years old, while another source claims that she was born in 1971, which would make her at least 40 or 41 years old.

Karlie Redd stars on the hit VH1 reality show “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” which is currently wrapping up its first season, with the finale having aired last week, and the second part of the Reunion Special set to air next Monday night (Sep 3).

And last night on Part 1 of the LHHA Reunion Show, Karlie — a perpetual, compulsive liar — repeatedly dodged questions about her age (amid K Michelle’s hilarious accusations that she “marched with Martin Luther King” in the 1960’s, LOL!

(See video below) Now, we’re not math wizards or anything …

but if she was “29” in the mid-2000’s, that would AT LEAST put her in the 34 – 36 years old range.While we may never know how old Karlie Redd really is — until we see a long-form birth certificate, or something equally reputable — we at least know this much … Last night on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Benzino served Karlie Redd breakfast in bed, presented her with a key to his house and teared up a little bit when Karlie questioned whether or not they were moving too fast.), while also refusing to give in to questions about her daughter’s age.She explained her reasoning behind the secrecy regarding her daughter, saying that that the reason she refused to reveal the identity and age of her only child was to “protect” her.If you take me and thi and mimi out of the show last season, WHAT WOULD BE THEIR STORYLINE???? ” Benzino isn’t taking the firing sitting down, “OH THIS IS FAR FROM BEING OVER!!! SHOUTS TO EVERYBODY WHO BEEN ROCKIN WIT ME SINCE SEASON 1!