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In her cover story interview with , Watson emphasized just how sacred her privacy is to her.She won't take selfies with fans, for example, because she doesn't want a geotag snapshot of where exactly she is (which makes sense, as the magazine reveals she's had several stalkers over the years).Which of the following states have a capital city located near the geographic center of the state Missouri Texas Wyoming Ohio or Maine?

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Looking for a tangible item to present along with your gift?Present him with the book and then let him choose a weekend destination from within its pages.What states have a capital city located near the Geographic Ctr. Why did the French believe the Ohio River Valley with their territory?What state do you cross over when you start at Ohio to Illinois?In the narrow Northern Panhandle between Ohio and Pennsylvania?

He clearly instructed Oderinde to toughen up his guys — as most new coaches do — and Oderinde is the guy he entrusted to accomplish that.

A lover of literature, she's recently been seen hiding books on the New York subway and the London Underground for commuters to happen upon — she's literally spreading the word.

But Watson is human, after all, and she has her life apart from her activism and film career.

You don’t need an engagement for the excuse to take portraits together."Look for something that fits his interests but is small, not too expensive, and that you know he might not have.

I also love the idea of trying something fun and quirky like a Segway tour around your city (better bring a camera for that one)!

"I would hate anyone that I were with to feel like they were in any way part of a show or an act." She's not wrong, at all.