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Click on the image for a larger picture, Here to see the video and Here to see the record document of items like this from Newton's home. 21 (2007) pages 16-22, describes the many mass dials of Gloucestershire.

However, many of the stories, comments and information in it are still of interest even though they may not be recent.

Accordingly we have archived most of the older entries so that little or nothing is permanently lost.

where you can check the value of Eo T at Noon on any date in 2017 or 2018 and can even print all the year's data on one A4 sheet too.

There's more there describing how to correct a sundial's solar time reading to GMT/BST and even a way to buy a little card that allows you to do this when out and about anywhere in the UK or Ireland!

Our are his published articles, the full list of his many contributions to Clocks Magazine and even a summary of the sales of his extraordinarily popular Shire Publications book 'Sundials'.

We are delighted to be able to provide as an academic resource the incredible output of the UK's foremost Diallist.

Andrew was of course the first Chairman of the Society and this correspondence was dated 1986 only a few years after the Society's formation.

Sun Info is delighted to be able to present a collection of just some of the photographs of dials that former BSS Trustee John Churchill and his wife took during his lifetime.

His article makes wonderful reading and gives the background to (and the use of) the Cross Staff, a Horizontal Sundial and even a quadrant.

Click Way back in September 1992 super-sleuth John Ingram spotted this unusual and it is believed, unique, dial where steps on a triangular block were used to tell the time.

Read the BSS Bulletin article dated 2006 for yourself here Click the image for an interesting article on this device which (as we now know) uses light polarisation with what the Vikings called a 'sunstone' crystal..