i did contact the ghanian embassy to verify her visa and passport aplication but there response came to late i am afraid.and she still insists - that why she is not here now (if you can believe it --haha) is that i did not send the 2500dollars ghana requires to leave the country !!i do feel used but i am happy to discover this scammer.

Geek girls of all ages, shapes, ethnicities and interests are welcome!

But the more I thought about this, the more I realized I have seen it in every day life since I moved here…

BELGIAN MEN ARE HARD WORKING, BUT ALSO KNOW HOW TO SEPARATE THEMSELVES FROM THEIR WORK Although this is a pretty standard European way of thinking (the whole life before work philosophy us Canadians all applaud), it’s nice to know that when he’s at home, his focus will be on our family instead of having his mind stuck in his office.

BELGIAN MEN ARE VERY RESPECTFUL TOWARDS EACH OTHER This is the thing that I noticed that prompted this whole post.

I’m not saying men from other countries are terrible.

I am definitely not saying all Belgian men are the same.

Parents died, she a Christian, looking for her real love, etc..

Poor grammar for someone who has a college degree which is another dead give away.

When that failed requested money for an i Tunes account.

Always stuck to her story about the photos, no matter the overwhelming evidence to the asked me for money to buy her a computer and also fell in love with me in just 4 days, also mentioning for me to fly her over here.i sent her pics and also gave her my number we texted and attempted to talk on the phone.

Of course it was one excuse after another once I asked for the sign.