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Due to the nature of her daddy’s job, they moved around quiet frequently.

This made it difficult for her mother to work, and after they had lived for two years in Vietnam, they returned to the USA and her parents got divorced, while she was only 7.

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She was their only child and was home tutored until she was 11.

She then went to George Park national school in Fresno.

Later, she applied for a National Merit scholarship program for the University of San Diego and got it.

She graduated from there in 2003, with her major in journalism. She is about a 178 c tall, which is near about 5 feet and 10 inches. She is also a gorgeous girl, who has got it all to be on the TV quiet often.

Her mother demanded and got the child and left her dad with nothing.

Although he remarried, Heidi was close to her father as they lived nearby.She has been linked to having affairs with baseball players like Jake Peavy and Nick Green.The beautiful reporter has been linked with them in some part of her life.No word on whether Heidi is leaving in part because her alleged boy toy Jason Varitek is engaged.************ Though the rumors of Varitek dating Heidi Watney were never confirmed, it would appear that they are definitely not an item now, if they ever were.She was a real talent for a child and was magnificent at athletics, gymnastics, cheerleading and hurdles.