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Jones orders Clark’s deportation, but Ybarra takes Clark to the murder site and tells him to dig where the bodies are buried. Briegleb secures Christine’s release by showing Steele a newspaper story about the Wineville killings that names Walter as a possible victim.

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Briegleb continued to use his radio show to expose police misconduct and political corruption.Wineville is said to have changed its name to Mira Loma, and Christine Collins reportedly never stopped searching for her son.Detective Ybarra (Kelly) travels to a ranch in Wineville, Riverside County, to arrange the deportation of 15-year-old Sanford Clark (Eddie Alderson) to Canada.The boy’s uncle, Gordon Northcott (Harner), has fled after a chance encounter with Ybarra, who mentions his business there being a juvenile matter.Clark tells Ybarra that Northcott forced him to help kidnap and murder around twenty children, and identifies Walter as one of them.

Jones tells Briegleb that Christine is in protective custody following a mental breakdown.She visits Northcott, but he refuses to tell her if he killed her son. In 1935, David Clay, one of the boys assumed to have been killed, is found alive in Hesperia, California.He reveals that one of the boys with whom he was imprisoned was Walter.She befriends inmate Carol Dexter (Ryan), who tells Christine she is one of several women who were sent there for challenging police authority. Steele (O’Hare) deems Christine delusional and forces her to take mood-regulating pills.Steele says he will release Christine if she admits she was mistaken about “Walter”; she refuses.He tells Christine that “Walter” is three inches shorter than before his disappearance because trauma has shrunk his spine, and that the man who took Walter had him circumcised.