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These Vietnamese talismans follow the Chinese Buddhist Esoteric tradition and combine Sanskrit and Chinese characters. Because they are for burying with the deceased person, they have been seldom seen, even by the family members.James Vernon Camp (August 8, 1924 – January 31, 2002) was an American football player and coach.

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Later, I added more than 300 from Japan and about 200 from Korea. I then was able to collect more in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia in 2008, 20.

I was also able to obtain 25 very large talismans from Vietnam for burying the dead that combine both Buddhist and Taoist elements.

While there I bought my very first book on Chinese culture: by C. This book greatly aided my understanding of how things worked socially in Vietnam which had many similarities to Chinese society. Yes, it helped me understand things that I could see, but not understand.

After my service I started college in 1970 and I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies at Florida State University in 1973. I also have a Master of Arts degree in East Asian Studies from Florida State University in 1979.

This combination allows my students to close the distance from text material to personal experience.