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The Bloodhound Supersonic Car (SSC) has been 10 years in the making and will finally take to the track in October.

On 26 October Bloodhound will travel under its own power for the first time in a slow speed test designed to shakedown its design elements.

The rocket booster that will eventually speed the vehicle to 1,000 mph (1,600km/h) will be fitted at a later date, as it is still in development.

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The test was carried out at Cornwall Airport in Newquay and will give the team practice working the steering, breaks and suspension of the vehicle.

Orange flames were pictured coming out the rear nozzle suggesting all systems were working well.'It's blown us away, frankly,' Wing Commander Green told BBC News.'It's given us huge confidence going forward.

It has three power plants, a Rolls-Royce EJ200 jet from an RAF Eurofighter Typhoon, a cluster of Nammo hybrid rockets and a 550bhp Supercharged Jaguar V8 engine that drives the rocket oxidizer pump.

The EJ200 jet engine fitted to the car consumes 64,000 litres of air per second, and this would suck all the air from an average sized house in three seconds.

Bloodhound will be powered by its single Eurofighter-Typhoon jet engine and will reach speeds of up to 220mph (354km/h) before reaching the end of the 9,000 foot long (2,744m) runway.

If the test proves a success, the team will undertake a new land speed record attempt at Hakskeen Pan, a dried-out lake bed in Northern Cape, South Africa, once the final rocket element is ready.

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