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David: The most important exercises were the ones prior to finding each other that helped us become ready for a relationship and clear about who we are and what we want -- Vision, Purpose, Requirements, Needs and Wants.The clarity from this work helped us recognize our compatibility and brought us together. We were both very clear about who we were and what we wanted.David: "M" was a great example of an 80% relationship, as in 80% percent worked and met my requirements, and 20% didn't work.

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The boys and I get along great and they have told me that they think things are better since I have been around. ) The only impact that the boys have on our marriage is that of logistics.

We plan our calenda r around the days/times we have the boys. David and Darlene: I would like to know which Relationship Coaching Institute exercises have been most beneficial for both of you since you were married.

After all, even though we might have feelings of urgency, there is no need to hurry and no such thing as a relationship emergency!

I'd also like to mention that in those first six weeks, I gave myself a reality check by reaching out for support to our community of relationship coaches here at RCI and I consulted several of my mentors, both individually and with Darlene.

This path started for me when I was five years old and participating in my first Jewish "Sunday School" class (which is actually on Saturdays), having a skeptical reaction when the teacher informed us that my people are "the chosen people."I just couldn't accept that God preferred one people or religion over another. Darlene, when you married David, you became a step-mom to his twin sons and his daughter.

I believe my attitude of acceptance and tolerance for all truths makes me a good coach! What has that been like for you, and, as far as you can tell, for them? What, if anything, would you have done differently? I have two grown children myself, and felt very comfortable with being a mother, but had no experience with being a step-parent.

This month, we check in with David and Darlene Steele.

David, the founder of the Relationship Coaching Institute, met Darlene three years ago.

David: I'm not so sure it was "intuitive." I'm a very intuitive person and certainly experienced an intuitive "hit" when I found Darlene, but the conscious process was more important in bringing us to commitment. David, if someone found "the love of his/her life" and decided to get engaged after six weeks and asked what you have learned from your experience regarding this with Darlene, what wisdom would you share?

I've always thought of "chemistry" as the "radar" that helps you find your target, and then you need to rely on your "head" to make a good long term choice. David: I summed up my most important learning about the journey to finding lasting love in an article I wrote after getting married entitled "I'd Rather Be Single Than Settle" For anyone in the situation of wanting to make a commitment in a short amount of time I recommend talking to others and seeking coaching.

We haven't used any structured exercises after getting married because we haven't needed to!