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Mike realizes his feelings for Sue and flies to her home in Baltimore.She's shocked to see him there, but out of courtesy allows him to stay with her until morning when he can go back home.

"Everybody, even now, thinks, 'That guy is stoned.' That's just the way I talk." Celebs drinking beer Hillary Clinton, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Spike Lee have all been photographed kicking back and Celebs behaving badly Sometimes it's not their fault.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen are photographed holding hands on their way out of a movie amidst rumors of trouble in their marriage.“We should have seen the Tom Cruise movie,” Tom mumbles, as he and Gisele sit in the backseat of their car, on their way home.“?

On April 20, 2015, he announced his plans to commercialize on that reputation: Willie's Reserve, his own brand of cannabis, will sell in Colorado and Washington, as well as be grown in those states.

Jimi Hendrix's reefer madness was no secret; he spoke about it openly and was arrested in 1969 on charges of hashish possession in Canada.

Although Joseph Gordon-Levitt escaped child stardom without falling prey to a drug habit, the actor said he smoked so much weed in high school that he had to force himself to cut back. That's my drug of choice." It's an open secret that Seth Rogen is one of Hollywood's more notable stoners, and the comedian even used his wedding as an opportunity to get ripped.

"I still (smoke) sometimes," he told Details magazine in 2008. "I was totally baked the whole day," he told Howard Stern in 2011.He develops a crush on her and surprises her at her door with a bottle of wine.She doesn't quite know what to make of his approach, shares some wine to be polite, then asks him to leave. Drake, her rumored boyfriend, attends the match, standing for much of it. And then my friend came over to my house and told me she had a sex dream about Liam [Hemsworth].”Josh texts Jennifer: lol that interview Jennifer: hahah Jennifer: yeah Josh: which friend of yours had the liam dream? Josh: why aren’t any of your friends having dreams about me!!! Jennifer: don’t even think about it Jennifer: dreams dont mean anything Josh: yeah, that’s true Jennifer: Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston go on a double date in Austin with Justin Theroux and Bryan Randall. Justin is in the bathroom; Bryan went back into the restaurant to get his coat.“That was really fun! you guys seems so happy, and ,” Sandra says, checking to make sure Bryan isn’t coming up behind them. then Josh [Hutcherson] called me and told me he had a dream about Woody [Harrelson]. You had one about WOODYJennifer: about eating grapes together at a press junket, right???"There were probably 100 people smoking weed there." Who would've thought that the red-eyed drug dealer in "Pineapple Express" quit the reefer years ago?