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Learn more, including about available controls: Cookies Policy.Faith Mueni 21 years old during an interview with the standard at her home in Mathare, Faith lost her husband Victor Okoth during the violence that was witnessed after August election that was nullified by the chief justice.4/10/17-Beverlyne Musili, Standard “Okoth! By Emmanuel Moks *I’m sorry that am not wishing anyone anything for 2018.

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The presence at the gathering of the Attorney General, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Government Chemist (who is charged with analyzing forensic evidence) and other key stakeholders, along with strong representation from civil society to publicly endorse these rules, made this a major event.

This widespread show of support from government and non-governmental organizations for the development of the law is heartening.

Why do I, or any other human, get sore and cracked heels?

I understand it's less common in men than women – presumably this is down to footwear choices?

Unknown to him, however, is how much he’ll need the wisdom and courage to face the tides that come with life as he grows older.

At only 21, his mother Faith Mueni is already a widow.The Chief Justice also used the occasion to launch the Sexual Offenders Register, another huge milestone.This is a database, created by the Judiciary, that will hold the record of all convicted sexual offenders, including their names, identification card numbers, the crime committed and the age of their victim.He noted the important role that forensic evidence plays in the successful prosecution of sexual violence cases.He lauded PHR’s efforts to support the capacity in forensic evidence collection and stated his intention to include PHR and other similar organizations in the working of the Council for the Administration of Justice. As I left the venue, it was with a realization that this has been a long journey, and the country has come a long way to the point where we can have a sex offender’s registry. An earlier questioner asked how metal blades in wet shavers lost their sharpness so easily on human hair.