Laws regarding promptly updating medical records

Regulations Z and M The law has been implemented by the Federal Reserve Board through two key regulations: Regulation Z explains how to comply with the consumer credit parts of the law. Regulation M applies to contracts in the form of a lease where the use of personal property by a person primarily for personal, family or household purposes. Regulation Z applies to each individual or business that offers or extends consumer credit if four conditions are met: 1. The lease period must exceed four months, and the total contractual obligations must not exceed ,000, regardless of whether the lessee has the option to purchase the property at the end of the lease term.

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(see resources page for the URL to obtain this handbook) Disclosure Disclosure is generally required before credit is extended. In certain cases, it must also be made in periodic billing statements. We provide assistance and document preparation for consumers seeking to gain control of their assets. 1 (''Yield spread premiums'' or ''overages'' are paid ''to brokers when borrowers lock in or sign contracts at rates or terms that exceed what the lender would otherwise be willing to deliver''); Ruth Hepner, Risk-based loan rates may rate a look, Washington Times, Nov. F1 (such fees are paid to mortgage brokers ''to bring in borrowers at higher-than-market rates and fees''); Jonathan S. Probes Higher Fees for Women, Minorities, Los Angeles Times, Sept. To find information and resources for other states, you may go to Our mission is to educate homeowners about predatory lending practices and bank fraud and options available to them.We have several programs that will assist people in regaining their financial freedom. Harney, Loan Firm to Refund Million in 'Overage' Fees, Los Angeles Times, Nov. Hornblass, Focus on Overages Putting Home Lenders in Legal Hot Seat, American Banker, May 24, 1995, p. We believe that if you don't know your rights, you dont know your options.We do not claim to be legal professionals nor do we give legal advice. Hornblass, Fleet Unit Discontinues Overages on Loans to the Credit-Impaired, American Banker, June 9, 1995, p. 10 (giving examples of how the fees affect the borrower). The extra fees -- known in the trade as overages or yield-spread premiums -- typically are paid to local mortgage brokers by large lenders who purchase their home loans. Prior to 1993, according to industry experts, back-end compensation of this type rarely was disclosed to consumers. Hornblass, Focus on Overages Putting Home Lenders In Legal Hot Seat, American Banker, May 24, 1995, p.

We merely help people understand what their options are and assist them with document preparation. The concept is straightforward: If a mortgage company can deliver a loan at higher than the going rate, or with higher fees, the loan is worth more to the large lender who buys it. More recently, however, some brokers and lenders have sharply limited the size of the fees and disclosed them.

The federal Truth In Lending Act was originally enacted by Congress in 1968 as a part of the Consumer Protection Act. For every rate notch above ''par'' -- the lender's standard rate -- the lender will pay a local originator a bonus. Harney, Suit Targets Extra Fees Paid When Mortgage Rate Inflated, Sacramento Bee, Aug. They often appear as one or more line items on the standard HUD-1 settlement sheets used for closings nationwide.

The law is designed to protect consumers in credit transactions by requiring clear disclosure of key terms of the lending arrangement and all costs. interest) or must be paid in more than four installments according to a written agreement. The credit is primarily for personal, family or household purposes.

It does not require creditors to calculate their credit charges in any particular way.

However, whatever alternative they use, they must disclose certain basic information so that the consumer can understand exactly what the credit costs.

Home Mortgages One of the biggest lending transactions any individual is likely to enter is borrowing to purchase a home.