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This did not matter to the prosecutor assigned this case.We won the case by displaying that the law enforcement officers in the jurisdiction where the allegation occurred did not follow the constitution in their quest for evidence.In fact, they met at a bar, they were drinking together, she had identification saying she was of age and she verbally told my client she was a legal adult.

Gurumurthy has quickly developed a reputation as a top criminal lawyer practicing in Cadillac, Michigan.While successful on a recent case, Gurumurthy spoke of the case that he led a charge on that was dismissed because of his knowledge of the constitution: “In our case, my client believed the female was 22.In recent years, the law has transitioned from the former “Romeo and Juliet” laws to a strict age of consent with little tolerance for those with no intent of committing a crime.Matthew Mc Manus, Ravi Gurumurthy and Scott Grabel of Ann Arbor, Cadillac and Lansing, Michigan respectively have become leaders in the field of criminal defense.Leaders in criminal law such as Mc Manus, Gurumurthy and Grabel are setting a tone to protect innocent defendants’ from undeserved charges but the reality is that the individual is going to have to protect themselves as well because the law continues to evolve into a deadly situation for all involved.

Emancipated minor: A child who reaches the age of 18; is determined by court order to be emancipated (released from parental care and responsibility); is married; or on active duty in the armed forces (MCLA 722.4).The actions we took were completely outside the box and many sleepless nights on our end allowed our client to find freedom.” “The defense of mistake” In most states, including Michigan, it is not a defense to a charge of statutory rape that the defendant mistakenly believed the child to be of age.This is true even if the victim tells the defendant and others that he or she is older and looks and acts older.[1] This became a difficult situation for a client of Ravi Gurumurthy.There is no question that my client should’ve been more diligent and thought the situation through but a 23 year-old dating an 18-year old is not the crime of the century but the prosecutor portrayed it as such.We worked hard for a favorable result and according to statutes in our state, mistake is not a valid defense.It turns out she was only fourteen and the age of consent in Michigan is sixteen, meaning that Anderson had unknowingly committed statutory rape.