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Despite just breaking up, Bella Hadid and performer The Weeknd were super cordial on the runway!

Jennifer Lawrence is one of America’s favorite Hollywood actresses right now and the girl is single as far as we know, though she has been romantically linked to others in the past. She was then romantically linked to Coldplay music artist Chris Martin.In a recent interview with Glamour, Lawrence joked about her being out of the dating game for a while, saying, “It’s [her hymen] back. Martin is currently dating Annabelle Wallis and just played the Super Bowl for the 2016 halftime show." CLICK HERE to view "Straight Actors Who Have Done Gay Sex Scenes!" [ Filed under: Icky Icky Poo • Ben Affleck • Matt Damon • Brad Pitt • Film Flickers • Michael Moore • Donald Trump • George Clooney • Leonardo Di Caprio • Russell Crowe • Meryl Streep • Kate Winslet • Bradley Cooper • Quentin Tarantino • Oscars • Lin-Manuel Miranda Hollywood heavyweights are coming out of the woodwork against Harvey Weinstein after the news of numerous allegations of sexual harassment and assault.She’s also been posting Instagrams with Ben seemingly in the photo, but not showing his face.

Fans seem to think it’s Ben based on the multitude of comments. Nothing official has been confirmed by Ben or Shailene. Me not dating someone is not a lack of anything in any way. Yes, when I spark with someone, it’s exciting, but I definitely don’t need that.While there was plenty of drama ahead of this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, you can believe things went a lot more smoothly last year!Oh, and it turned out that Irina Shayk was walking the runway while pregnant with Bradley Cooper's baby! Sadly, it was also Kendall Jenner's last runway, but you'll have to relive it all (below)!CLICK HERE to view "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016: ALL The Se XXXy Looks!The studio reportedly landed the deal by agreeing to give in to Tarantino's extensive demands: from a million production budget, final cut, and "extraordinary creative controls".