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The Association of War Affected Women was established in 2000 to create a space for war affected women, specifically mothers and wives, of those who are missing to come together across the divide to work for peace.

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Over the 18 and 19 May, after the army defeated the Tamil Tigers, the army “commenced clearing operations to neutralize possible enemy pockets and to collect the bodies and captured LTTE assets”, according to the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence account of the battle.

These “clearing operations” saw them find 350 bodies and identify 30 as what they call “top level LTTE cadres”, including – according to their list – Isaipriya.

Meanwhile, the husband, on seeing his wife prepare to hang herself, desperately phoned up their relatives in the vicinity of the house.

However, by the time the relatives reached the house, she was dead.

Eravur Police, who is investigating the case, contacted the husband in Qatar and has obtained his statement.

The police said the couple had been frequently quarrelling on Skype over the husband's drinking problem. We are also deeply committed to safeguard democracy and rights of all, specifically women’s rights and advancement.As we believe that people’s rights have to be safeguarded and democracy has to be strengthening in order to create a conducive atmosphere for peace to prevail.Isaipriya was part of the Tamil Tigers, her former colleague told us. The identities of the soldiers – who look directly at the camera at times in the video – are also unclear from the video, although the fact that they speak Sinhalese suggests they are government troops rather than Tamil fighters.She identified that Isaipriya’s body appears in the “war crimes” video, partially covered by a sheet, with cuts to the face. Because of her physical condition, she was deployed to the media unit. However, it has emerged that the date of her death and the soldiers who killed her are both listed on the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence website, fixing the date of the video more accurately and indicating which troops were active at that time.“Therefore, it is important that we allow this domestic mechanism to achieve its objectives.” Photographs separately obtained by Channel 4 News also appear to suggest that Isaipriya was captured by soldiers on .