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A short flight from Lima's airport, I've stepped out into the Andes.

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Why, then, am I standing in a gallery surrounded by huge images of Princess Diana?Giant black and white prints of a doe-eyed Di, seeking approbation from the camera, in a dozen celebrated photographs taken just two months before she died?Peru is the last place you'd expect to find a shrine to the People's Princess. This is MATE, the Museo Mario Testino in the Peruvian capital, Lima.It's a smart gallery where no expense has been spared in displaying the best work of the eponymous Peruvian-born, London-based fashion photographer.A man who, I was later to find out, also has a British connection that kick-started his career.

By using the backdrop, Testino is tipping his hat to Chambi.

As Peru celebrated the 150th anniversary of the arrival of Chinese coolies, and as subsequent generations of Chinese focus on the importance of education, Yong is becoming a legend in Lima's rejuvenated Barrio Chino.

So, this is Peru, the land of Incas and alpacas, of condors and cordilleras.

Limeños call it living "under the belly of a donkey".

So while this city is the nation's brawn and brain – and increasingly populated with some of the world's finest restaurants – Peru's soul is elsewhere.

There's a local festival just coming to an end as I arrive, men in richly decorated chalecos and woollen ponchos weaving drunkenly out of the centre clutching their battered trumpets.