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At any time you can log on to your computer and see the streaming live video, pictures and views of Benidorm wherever you are in the world.

To see what Benidorm looks like you should watch the excellent tour guide to Benidorm below where you can discover the ‘secret and hidden side’ to Benidorm as well as the most popular sights and attractions.

The Benidorm webcams above are perfect for people who have never visited Benidorm and want to get an impression of what Benidorm is like.

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This Benidorm webcams page is one of our most popular pages because Benidorm is one of the largest tourist destinations in Spain, attracting over 4 million visitors each year and people like to see how it looks before they come on holiday here.These Benidorm webcams and Benidorm web cameras situated in the town of Benidorm on the Costa Blanca of Spain are on 24 hours a day.We have weighed several possible strategies and unfortunately, the only remaining option is to shut it down.At the end of April the URL for i Pet Companion will become inactive.The sand quality is excellent as is the clean water.

The beach is long and wide but nevertheless is completely packed in summer.Facilities staff have reported back increases of adoptions as much as 60%, increases in donations as much as 200%, and the technology has even been used in hospitals allowing children with severe illnesses to play with animals from their bedside.In June of 2016 the ad network who manages ad spots on i Pet Companion is no longer providing that service and we have not been able to find a suitable replacement with a sufficient CPM payout to cover the server and bandwidth costs for the users/viewers of i Pet Companion.Benidorm webcam or Benidorm web cam as many people spell it, is very simply a digital camera which is directly connected and linked to a computer which in turn is connected to the Internet.Below we have links to five Benidorm webcams or as some people call them, web cam Benidorm.Terra Mitica has rides and shows focusing on the legendary civilisations of the Mediterranean.