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You won’t be able to access the deep web with your usual Chrome and Firefox browsers. Hackers generally use this browser to be anonymous and remain protected from the cyber cops. If you can’t install it for some reason this video will help you install the Tor browser and access the deep web.

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This rules out Skype and a MSN, as well as any other app that's specific for the ICQ/AOL Network. Pidgin doesn't intend to develop video-chat, I haven't found a plugin for it that provides video, and Gaim-vv hasn't been developed in over two years and is so out of date that it's still going by Gaim and not Pidgin.

Do Slashdot readers have an application that meets these needs? I'm feeling left out on my Fedora Gnome based desktop.Is there a good program for Gnome that provides cross-platform instant messaging and video chat?Deep Web is that part of the internet that 96% of internet population doesn’t know about. About 96% of the iceberg is below water and we can see just 4% of it!Even the titanic captain wasn’t able to gauge the full size of the iceberg and the rest is history. This world is called the Deep Web or the Invisible web. I play with 400 ping on Brazil server and am Global Elite 2. Okay so i joined a few chats i didnt actualy say anything because well im a shy person and do not really like getting into a conversation with someone unless i know the person better.