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My insecurities were starting to overwhelm me now that it was time to meet.

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He too didn't have a lot of free time and worked a lot because he was divorced father of 3 and being a responsible parent paid child support and spent all his free time with his children.We continued talking to each other for weeks getting to know one another.I do think "what the fuck happened to you Kim and how did I end up this way." The loneliness gets me depressed and I lose sleep because of it.I would like to date but between work and my son's schedule I never seem to have any free time.We helped each other with the loneliness that we had and we agreed it was like a niece/uncle relationship.

One Friday night I had a date and it went horrible.Originally, I was getting messages from a lot of creepy men asking inappropriate things and sending me dick pics.I was about to give up on this as well until I got a message just saying "Hello, I like your profile and would like to talk and get to know you more if you are interested? Sure, I'd like to get to know each other." Mike and I exchanged numbers and texted back and forth for hours that night getting to know each other.I told Mike this and he said he was fine with that and that he understood but "can we still build on the friendship that we already started? I'm glad we met each other and really would like for us to continue being friends" Mike and I would still talk every day and make fun of people who would message us on the dating site.When we had free time, we would go to the movies and out to eat." "Of course, I don't I don't mind." When I got to Mike's I told him "give me whatever it is you've been drinking." Mike poured me a glass of tequila and asked me what happened?