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He had been stroking and edging himself for about 15 minutes now. His own 7.5 inch cock was as hard as a rock and dripping with precum. But I can't dude..." Matt pushed his cock further into Joe's asshole as he felt some walls ease up. "Dude." Joe was breathing hard and pushing his ass against Matt's cock. He leaned forward and pushed his tongue hungrily into Joe's mouth while he fucked him. "Fuck man, I am going to cum dude – this is too much. " Joe arched his back and a rope of cum exploded from his cock all over his hairy abs and chest and up to his chin.

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If you're calling from inter-state and there's no-one from your local area online, don't worry, you can always choose to talk to guys from all over Australia.We consider the content to be adult-oriented which is why we feel that this site is only appropriate for those aged 18 and over.Stay tuned as we get ready to take Cruiseline to all new heights!First Media Group has over twenty two years of experience in the adult chat industry and counts among their products Lavalife & Quest Chat.His roommate was out for a run after lifting at the gym. Matt didn't have any so he was looking in the wrong place. Joe quickly hardened and swelled into Matt's mouth. Matt looked at Joe's asshole – hairy and open – one of those holes that are wide open. Joe was really feeling it now, moaning and writhing as Matt plunged his tongue deeper into his hole and stroked Joe's hard cock.

After he stopped in their room to change into his running shorts Matt could not resist. Joe adjusted his cock or something and smiled – hot. "Hate to say man, but, but I happened to walk by about 5 minutes ago and your door was opened a crack." What? Matt couldn't resist, even with the smell he dived in, tongue first – a thousand smells and tastes assailed him, he worked his tongue far into Joe's hole. Matt's cock was throbbing as he unbelted and unzipped his own pants. Fuck, I didn't know I wanted this so fucking bad." Matt started fucking Joe, easy at first and then pounding his ass.Weitere Informationen zu unseren Cookies und dazu, wie du die Kontrolle darüber behältst, findest du hier: Cookie-Richtlinie.Homer befriends Larry because they share similar interests.Matt was definitely crossing some boundaries this morning. He thought for a second but not much longer and got on his knees in front of Joe. "Fuck – never done this before." Matt quickly unbelted and unzipped Joe's pants, pulled down his boxer briefs and took his musky cock into his mouth. This is hot." Matt was holding Joe's hairy ass in his hands while he worked his cock into his mouth and deep into his throat. Matt could smell the stale dirty musk of his crotch. Matt pushed Joe on to his bed and pulled his pants further down his legs.He was sitting on his bed in his shared dorm room with his hand in his open pants and his nose buried in his roommate's sweaty white cotton boxer briefs. " Matt didn't want to say anything he didn't need to – maybe Joe was referring to something else. "Just, I'm kinda horny now – can't stop thinking about it." Are you kidding me? It was semi hard and smelled musky as hell, tasted a little dirty like he hadn't showered in a couple days. "Fuck dude – I haven't cum in like a week." Joe's cock was deep in Matt's throat – it was hot – Joe was a hard as a rock and fucking Matt's face with a fury . Just for kicks he ran his fingers over Joe's asshole and ran it in front of his nose. He shifted his tongue down to Joe's balls while he worked his cock with his hand. Matt pushed Joe's hairy legs up as he worked his tongue below Joe's balls to the skin between his balls and ass – the smell was more overpowering than ever. " Joe was writhing in ecstasy as Matt's tongue went deeper into his smelly hole, It was so open, so inviting – he ate Joe's hole with relish – tongue as far in as he could get it – mouth sucking and eating everything he could get – he loved the musky shitty smell, the deep inviting open musky hole.Every day we have hundreds of guys calling our service, looking for a hot phone chat or wanting to hookup with guys in their local area.