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But the quickness with which she was categorized as white and the tendency to ignore her connections to hip-hop serve the same purpose.

He boasts six children from three relationships, as well as a stunning long term girlfriend.

But ever the understanding girlfriend, Cassie Ventura, 31, appeared to have stayed at home as P Diddy headed out for a family night of fun with ex Kim Porter, 45, and their 19-year-old son Christian on Wednesday.

And finally, or so we thought, in 2005 he ditched the P for the more simple Diddy (apart from the week in 2011 when he went by Swag).

Now the artist formerly known as Diddy wants to be called Brother Love.

But even outside of the music, Carey lives hip-hop. When a butt-hurt Eminem slammed her for denying that they were in a relationship, Mimi didn’t take the PR high road and brush it off. Even today, she isn’t known to keep her opinion of other artists a secret.

Who will wear sunglasses at midnight without a second thought? Who always seems to be more bedazzled than necessary? Who gives the least amount of fucks at any given moment? What if her dismissive "I don’t know hers" toward other pop stars isn’t trivial cattiness, but the same kind of competitive challenge that undergirds hip-hop?

The name was a hit - and he even scored himself a superstar girlfriend with a couple of names of her own - JLo, aka Jennifer Lopez or Jenny From The Block.

But just like the famous girlfriend, the name didn't stick, and in 2001 he became P Diddy. 'I decided that - I know it’s risky and I know it’s corny to some people - but I decided to change my name again.'Diddy, he said, was something he was just no longer 'feeling'.

By popular demand, Mariah has added one more European show to her "All I Want For Christmas Is You" concert series.

She will be performing her classic holiday hits on 9 December at Accor Hotels in Paris.

Public beef was perfected by hip-hop a long time ago, with emcees asking their peers to prove it when they claimed to be the best. For the most recent example, I’ll again redirect you to “I Don’t.”It’s worth noting that the ambiguity around the type of music that inspires Mariah Carey runs parallel to early conversations about her race.