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No research or scientist has been able to conclusively prove the real reason behind why men like porn just yet.Perhaps, it’s just his desire to see more naked women and feel good about it.] Will your guy watching porn affect your relationship?

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He couldn’t waste time on getting an erection or building up the foreplay if he has to have sex with a woman he bumps into, especially if he had to finish the deed before her real mate sees him. Men hardly ever think their interest in porn qualifies as cheating.Perhaps, this has lead to a man’s wandering eye and his interest in constantly seeing new naked “mating potentials”. Instead, cuddle up with him and watch a few movies yourself.Well, if I were a woman, I’d be pretty pissed off too. Men think porn is a way to see many more naked women without really cheating. They do it now and then, most often when they’re feeling bored.But just like all other guys, if I ever caught my girlfriend sneakily watching porn after dark, I’d be instantly excited instead of feeling two-timed and violated. Well, it all comes down to the way men and women think. And even when they watch naked women online, they don’t always see the same girls again and again.It’s just a fantasy girl stripping herself off and moaning at everything she sees. Will he love you less because he sees other naked women?

No, somehow watching porn doesn’t seem to affect most men, unless they’re addicted to it and can’t live with it.

And every now and then, he misses the times he’s spent with the little guy.

Hanging out with his hands in his shorts can at times, even feel a lot better than sex.

And one scenario doesn’t affect his interest or performance in the other.

Why men like porn Men like porn for a lot of reasons.

Here are a few that could help you understand his interest in all things naked on his computer screen.