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Steven Wenger, 41, has been hooked up to a ventilator for 26 years after a car accident left him unable to walk, speak or breathe on his own.But nurses found an invasion of maggots crawling in his breathing tube twice, something that is unheard of in modern American health care.

reports that Detective Luis Mortimer, a 15-year police veteran, is hitting Leslie with a suit for violating his civil rights by including the message on his record “Joan of Arc” after a 2011 case where Australian supermodel Nicole Trunfio called the cops on the singer/ rapper/ producer after he allegedly wouldn’t stop calling or knocking on her door.

“I wake up to detec’ messages in my e-mail,” Leslie says on the record.

Ryan Leslie may have caught some legal trouble once again.

After making headlines last November for allegedly Scrooging a German man out of a million dollar reward for the return of his stolen laptop, the musical prodigy is reportedly being sued by a New York police detective for lacing a song with his voicemail.

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“And since when a birthday gift is harassment/a rose gold bracelet nothing subliminal/You called your lawyer up said my actions were criminal.

Girls play the victim so well — Joan of Arc.” Detective Mortimer’s lawyer Monica Kipiniak says he is seeking unspecified damages in a Manhattan Supreme Court suit filed last week.

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