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I started to fear that nothing was going to happen other than the visit.

I did not travel this far to watch the sisters eat at eclectic restaurants and shop.

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Now I had to ask her if she could talk her sister into it, but I already knew her sister's answer.I just needed her to have the courage to make the call.To the literary purists – As with all my stories, I act in the role of narrator. My wife's family consisted of four women and they told each other everything.This is a short story specifically designed to fit on one page. I knew one husband was extremely well endowed, but they didn't have kids and haven't had sex for a decade.As such, there is no character development and no witty dialogue. If another contributor would like to add names and dialogue and use this as an outline, go ahead. I knew one had a tall boyfriend and he was apparently long all over.

I was positive it was a bad idea from the first moment, but I couldn't resist my burning desire.

They stood between us, but had elected to not stand next to their own husbands.

I'm usually pretty perceptive, but the shock and awe was still working.

I heard three things – "Howdy boys", "Hello sailors", and "What's a girl have to do to get a drink around here?

" Before I was able to comprehend the situation, a bottle of Asti Spumante was open and fresh flutes set out next to it. It was evident the sisters now were clearly in control of the encounter, which in my experience is any situation where beautiful women wear almost no clothes.

I hoped she could be discrete about the rendezvous, but wasn't really counting on the fact that she could keep her mouth shut over an extended period of time. She was annoyed by the conversation until I suggested we should just go and visit her sister and her husband.