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More info about accommodations in Rusia in these articles: ) is the most important document but also the most controversial.The letter of invitation should not be confused for a hotel reservation. It is not necessary to have a hotel reservation in order to get a visa.Applying for a visa to travel to Russia from Australia, US or UK, whether for work, business, study or tourism, is not as complicated a process as it may seems.

IMPORTANT: Next I’ll explain the step-by-step process of obtaining your visa.

Remember that the visa application form must be filled out with information from your tourist confirmation letter and must clearly state the dates of your visit and which cities you will be staying in.

Because of this, it’s better to gather your documents and complete the form once you have all of the information you need for the visa application.

To apply for a visa, you must have a valid international passport (or another ID recognized as such in the Russian Federation) that is valid for at least six months after visa’s expiration date stated in the invitation.

Important Notes: Before going into detail about the Russian visa application process, it’s important to answer a few questions in order to better understand the procedures.

A visa is nothing more than authorization for a citizen of a foreign country to enter, stay in, or pass through the territory of the Russian Federation.

Visa support is the most common support received when getting a tourist visa.

This document is issued by the hotel in which you’ll be staying and is printed on an A4 page.

Hundreds of internet articles explain the process for obtaining a Russian visa, but I haven’t found any that clearly explain each step of the process in detail or explain how to complete the process yourself without relying on outside help or intermediaries.

It’s for this reason that I’d like to explain in detail how an Australian citizen can obtain a visa to travel to Russia in an easy and inexpensive way without having to contact intermediary businesses who only add to the overall price of the visa.

You should also have at least two consecutive blank pages available.