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Stun guns: A matter of safety for both cops and civilians “It’s distressing to me, the fact that it did end up this way,” said O’Neill in an unusually fast and harsh rebuke. What’s clear in this instance is that we failed.” The commissioner declined to discuss specifics other than to say police policy is to “isolate and contain.” But NYPD protocols call for officers to wait for ESU cops to arrive, and to use a Taser if the option is there.

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“It’s quite clear that our officers are supposed to use deadly force only when faced with a dire situation,” said de Blasio.

“And it’s very hard for any of us to see that that standard was met here.” The whole heart-breaking incident took place in a matter of moments, sources said.

The sergeant shot Danner in the left shoulder and the chest to end the tense 10-minute showdown that could have convinced Barry that his life was at risk, a police source said. In a way, I feel for the sergeant, but I’m also thinking this didn’t have to happen.” Cops were summoned by a neighbor who reported the senior citizen was behaving “in an irrational manner.” The slain woman’s sister and guardian, Jennifer Danner, was down the hallway from the apartment when the cops arrived. “She was never treated anything but normally by the police before,” said Cooke, 74, outside Danner’s home. “I never had to shoot anybody or pull my gun on them,” he said. She didn’t have no gun.” Nearly 50 Black Lives Matter protesters marched from Danner’s home to the 43rd Precinct stationhouse Wednesday evening chanting “Justice for Deborah Danner,” “Black Lives Matter”and “F--k the police.” “We’re being murdered,” said activist Hawk Newsome.

“It was going right — and then it went bad,” the source said. She saw the officers rush inside the cramped two-bedroom apartment, and then heard the crack of three gunshots. The NYPD’s Force Investigation Division was probing the shooting, but Cooke said that Barry and his team clearly mishandled the situation from the outset. “There is no justification for killing a 66-year-old mentally ill woman.

'The allegation will be assessed by officers from the Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command.' There is no suggestion the allegation relates to child abuse.

A spokesman for police in Liverpool said: 'Merseyside Police can confirm a report was received at 8.40am on Wednesday of an alleged sexual assault in the London area in the 1980s.

Weinstein allegedly supplied her with wine before inviting her up to his hotel room to watch some unedited scenes that he was struggling with.

But, she said that when the door closed behind them, he shoved her on the bed and began 'tugging at her clothes'.

Dix, now 48, says the incident left her depressed and barely able to get out of bed for six months, and her career never recovered as a result.

She disclosed the incident to firends and family, but is now speaking publicly about the incident for the first time, 26 years on.

“The New York City Police Department has once again failed to properly respond to deal with mentally ill patients without resorting to deadly physical force,” said Jennifer Danner, who met later with the mayor. “The other more simple thing they could’ve done is just close the goddamn door,” Cooke said. We need this police officer to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, said the quick condemnation of Barry reeked of politics rather than due process. Now what we have is a perception of wrongdoing and politics.” Donna Lieberman, director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, said Danner’s death was unfathomable.