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I was very social, danced, played lots of sports until I was 10 - that was when my issues began.' At her lightest, she tipped the scales at just 48 kilograms after restricting her diet by avoiding food - a 'control' she felt for the first time in years.'Not eating gave me some feeling over power, I felt in control something that I hadn't felt in years,' she said.'Each meal I skipped, or every bite I didn't take made me feel worthy. My lists of things I would and wouldn't eat became smaller and smaller to the point that anything was scary. The news was on while dad was cooking dinner and I got a glimpse of a story about a murder,' she recalled.'That was the moment where I felt like my world flipped.

From that night I was unable to sleep alone, when I finally got to sleep I would wake up screaming.'I was convinced someone was trying to kill me. Especially a vulnerable 10-year-old.'I also had a couple of neighbours that were getting themselves into trouble with the police and I was terrified of them.

Five years ago David Beckham, the footballer, admitted he had OCD.

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A spokesman for the charity OCD UK said: "There is still a lot of stigma about the condition and even GPs are not very good at picking up on it.

Young men in particular are often reluctant to come forward and ask for treatment, so to have someone like David Beckham come out and talk about it is very good." A hidden epidemic * The World Health Organisation lists OCD as among the 10 biggest causes of disability, yet many sufferers keep their illness hidden and the condition is often the subject of scepticism and derision.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the young woman shared a glimpse into the crippling impact OCD had on her life - and how she found the strength to fight back after falling into the grips of the eating disorder.'I had a fear of odd numbers,' she said.'It's hard to explain but my mind would tell me to do something like touch a doorknob and until I had done it "properly" or until it felt "complete" I would have to continue.'My OCD convinced me that by not listening to it, by not turning the door knob four times, I or someone I love would die.'It's how the disorder works because of that, the easiest thing to do was to give in to the compulsion.

It would decrease my anxiety for about a second until my OCD would move onto the next instruction.'I know it sounds crazy but it is so real and until you experience the feeling, its hard to understand.'Growing up, Genevieve said she had the best upbringing because she was surrounded by loving parents and friends.'I had a great childhood.

Everything has to be perfect." He said he wanted to stop but could not.

His wife, Victoria Beckham, described him as "a weirdo" because of his condition.* Men and women are equally affected, and OCD is thought to run in families, suggesting it may have a biological cause.Some research has shown that changes in brain activity and pattern may also cause the condition, and it often occurs alongside other illnesses, such as depression and anxiety.The former England star Paul Gascoigne said last year that he was obsessed with cleanliness and needed help for the condition.Other famous sufferers include the actor Billy Bob Thornton, who has spoken of having to repeat words and count up to particular numbers, and the singer Natalie Appleton, who is obsessed with cleanliness and broke down in tears when she had to touch a tree on the reality show I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.Other obsessions include worries about security issues such as having left the cooker on or the house unlocked, a need for everything in life to be ordered with extreme precision, and a fear of making a mistake. In an effort to ease that anxiety they take actions such as washing their hands every few minutes or going around the house checking everything is locked.